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Vein Or Nerve Stimulation Causing Symptoms?


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I usually can't feel anything when I have blood work done, but once I did when they hit scare tissue and I thought I would pass out. The iv nurse said, "that is what most people feel like when they get their blood drawn." I never knew that. : )

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Despite being quite the chicken when it comes to blood work, I've never had any issues with this ever since being diagnosed with POTS.

My "record" was 12 vials of blood in 1 session.

I do ask the nurses to allow me to lie down while they draw blood, but aside from the "small poke" I experience no discomfort, lightheadedness or anything like that ...and I'm supposed to have hypovolemic POTS?!

Truth be told I've been quite lucky with nurses that did not need to poke me twice or move the needle around...that sounds like torture, sorry you had to deal with that.


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I haven't experienced potsy symptoms that you mentioned with that type of blood draw, but it does sound like it could be a vaso vagal response. I have to say I do find it a little annoying when they dig around to find a vein though. I realize that sometimes there is just no choice, but they will often say empathetically that they don't want to 're-poke' me (to save me from feeling that tiny needle prick...which doesn't bother me at all), so instead they opt to dig around blindly under my skin with a sharp needle. How is that better?!? ;)

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