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Treadmill Vs Jogging - Exercise Intolerance Of The Latter

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When I've been at my peak of health I've been able to run on a treadmill without too much issue - I can even put it on a decent gradient and speed and still be able to run for 30 minutes or so. The first time I did this I surprised myself as I didn't think I'd even last a few minutes.

Jogging outside I am unable to last for over a minute, my heart pounds, I feel sick and dizzy.

I know there are differences between the two, the main one being that a treadmill doesn't require you to propel yourself along as the road moves for you. Would this make a substantial difference in explaining why I can tolerate one but not the other?

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Yeah was looking into it, seems that the main factors are:

Not needing to expend as much energy to propel oneself


and the fact you are running on a smooth non changing surface

Guess they should all add up to make one doable, and one just not doable at all (well without a lot of training). Perhaps even just those add enough to the blood flow requirements to trigger me.

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