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Medical Reports-Frustration


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i have been going to doctors for years concerning passing out and ncs/pots symptoms that keep me from doing many daily activities. It has been an up hill battle with doctors, insurance, and disability. after so many years of disappointing doctors appointments (some doctors down right mean) i have high anxiety before and after appointments. (Do others have this problem??) 15 years ago i never use to pay that much attention to medical records but later noticed that many medical records were incorrect. (i now keep a file of my medical reports to take with me to all new doctor appointments, so they are available) I have called doctors concerning this problem. Doctors say they remember my visit and yes the medical report is incorrect but can not change the report. (some will not change the report at all, some say that will put a letter in my folder that i did have those symptoms, i have passed out since last visit or i was taken off or put on that medication) Doctors always use the excuse that they have limited time with patients and do the best they can with that time. I dont understand why so many medical reports are incorrect. Dont doctors want these reports to reflect our illness, symptoms, what was discussed in dr. visit ,and treatment. Also, these incorrect reports have caused me unneccessary problems with other doctors, insurance companies(covering types of medications needed), and disability.

I love my new doctors. they have been really trying hard to help me (i have mixed emotions because this has happened before and then doctor cant fix me and becomes mean or gives up on me). This visit i was given medical report before i left. I read it while husband went to restroom before our 4 hour drive back home. it did not reflect our visit at all. it said under history of symptoms no chest pains, no palpitations, no numbness, no sweats, no anxiety etc. and i have all of these. Also they were discussed during visit, and some i was given new meds to try to treat. I tried to speak to doctor right then, to get this problem taken care of, but even 5 minutes after visit was i unable to even wait to talk to dr that day. (Receptionist was rude and degrading about the whole thing). Doctor called me back next day (which i was surprised) and she was polite. she said she remembered discussing those things but only has limited time to write reports. she said other doctors and insurance would know i have those symptoms due to diagnosis and treatment. she said cant change a report but would put an updated letter with explanation in my file. in any other profession an incorrect product would be unacceptable. why cant they change an incorrect report? Question- i know i hold doctors to high standards and this is a big concern that has cause me a lot of heart ache and anxiety. Am i being to picky about medical reports(seems like a battle I cant win)? Do other people have this problem? I have just had so many problems with incorrect medical reports keeping me or making it hard to get help i need. i dont understand why doctors dont see the importance of them reflecting correct information, due to the fact that those medical reports are the only things that other doctors, disability, and insurance have to base of health care on because they were not in our doctor appointment to know what was really said.

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You are not alone I find this kind of thing happens often. How I get around it is to mainly rely on the lab results only. Labs are unsubjective and are a fact in time. Anything a doctor writes in your record is only an opinon. Which why when you see a new doctor they always want to do their own tests.

I only give my past lab results and written records that I know are factual to any new doctor. Most doctors office staff are happy to give you a copy of your records, if you say you need to bring copies to one or more other doctors, as then they don't have to do it themselves.

As far as the insurance company I'm pretty sure they mainly look at the diagnostic codes the doctor uses. So make sure those are right. They may also request lab results for a medication or procedure they are being asked to cover. In my case we had to prove through labwork that I required IVIG. Most common treatments are covered simply by the doctor's choice of diagnostic coding.

One time when I went to the er I had an abnormal ekg, but the er doctor note said it was normal and both were clearly in the medical record contradicting each other.

Of course it doesn't hurt to send a note to your doctor making the correct, which they will put in your file. I just wouldn't make a big deal about it to the doctor if you like them and want to have your back. A note is a nonemotional way to do that.

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Over the past year and a half I have seen around 20 doctors (many of then specialists), and in my experience there are more bad doctors out there than good. This is really sad, but it seems to be true. I also experience anxiety at doctor appointments, even though I have a pretty good doctor now. Maybe I am just afraid that he will stop taking me seriously or drop me for whatever reason and throw me back to the wolves. I have had to start measuring my heart rate and blood pressure at home because they are always so high at the doctor's office, and I'm positive it isn't just the POTS causing it, though I am sure it doesn't help. My doctor isn't perfect. He doesn't know much about POTS, but he is learning, and the staff loses and misfiles my paperwork a lot, but it gets worked out. If they started messing up my records to the point where it was interfering with my treatment, I would have to find a new doctor. You have to do what is best for you. No doctor is perfect, but I believe there is someone out there who will give you what you need if you keep looking. Have you tried going to a medical center rather than a private practice? Sometimes working in the same building with other doctors keeps them in check.

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