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Dysautonomia Tweet-A-Thon


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Dysautonomia SOS has invited DINET to join them in a tweet-a-thon this Sunday, October 28th! Claire has been planning this for many months, and I'm excited about joining in on Sunday evening.

We'd like to get #dysautonomia trending on twitter, spread awareness, and thank research centers for researching dysautonomia.

Want to join us? Find information about the tweet-a-thon here: http://dysautonomias...nomiatweetathon

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The tweet-a-thon is coming up tomorrow!

If you're joining in, feel free to share your twitter name so that we can follow you! If you don't want to share it here, but you want DINET to follow you on twitter, you can send me a PM with your twitter name.

DINET's twitter name is @DINETorg

My personal twitter name is @cttRachel

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Bananas - if you go to Rachel's first post above and click on the link, there are instructions. You can copy and paste the suggested tweet statement from there. This is what it says (I copied below) and they give you suggested people to tweet to. I hope I have this right - I haven't done much tweeting either, so I've been giving myself a crash course!

@<insert celeb here> Pls RT! 1 in 100 US teens affected by this, know the symptoms! Support Global #Dysautonomia Awareness: http://bit.ly/U5TykM

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The tweet-a-thon was great fun! Thanks to everyone who joined in. It was really neat to see so many people with dysautonomia get together and tweet for awareness. We may be tired, sick, and/or homebound, but we can still be seen and heard!

Naomi, I saw several tweets from you! They went through just fine. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for them to load, and with all of the #dysautonomia tweets at once it may have taken a moment for your tweets to show up on the #dysautonomia stream.

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