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Diagnosis - New Meds


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I went to the Autonomic Disorders and MVP Center in Birmingham last week, and received a diagnosis of Dysautonomia. The doctor thinks my symptoms (since December) were triggered by ear issues. I had a double ear infection at the time, and have a long history of ear issues. I have been on Midodrine, Florinef, and Lexapro. The doctor told me that based on my stress test (after 10 mins my hr was 190 and my bp was 200/100), I have way too much adrenaline, and that I was on the wrong medications. I started on a higher dose of Lexapro (10mg – take at bedtime), Klonopin (.5mg – take at bedtime), and Atenolol (25mg – take at breakfast and dinner). I have been so drowsy since Saturday. I am having a tough time functioning, and don’t know if this is normal and will go away with time. I am supposed to check in with the doctor later this week, but am wondering if anyone else has had issues with this combination of medications.

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