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New To Forum And Just Saying Hi


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Hi, I'm relatively new to the forum, although I've been reading posts for awhile. I've had POTS for almost five years now, although not diagnosed until about two years ago. I guess I'd say I've been stumbling about (literally!) in the middle of "recovery" for some time now...I'm lucky to be much better than I was a year ago (pretty much bedbound), but still much worse than when I first came down with POTS.

I have so many questions I'd like to ask you all...I'll have to think awhile about where to even start, haha. I'm just always impressed by how on top of things and informed you all are, and what good advice you share :)

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Well welcome and thank you for noticing what a great forum we have. We all respect each other and I feel that this a very safe place to open up. We do not allow trolling, flaming, or advertising solicitating business's.

For many of us the information here was the key that opened the door to finally being diagnosed. So ask away, or you can also use the search feature to search any particular topic your interested in. There is also a lot of information under mechanism and causes on the main web page of dinet. We are in process of getting ready to update some of the features, as we transition the website to our new president.

Take care!

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