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Prednisone And Florinef? Can You Take Both?


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I have been on a low dose (.o25 mg or a quarter pill) of florinef for a while. I have suddenly become dizzy and had some vertigo and ear pain, which is different from the usual lightheadedness and woozy feeling. I went to PCP and was told I have fluid in ear and need to take prednisone (and antivert). I get frequent migraines and have neck pain and of course hope the short course helps those things but basically I don't want it to have a bad impact on the POTS.

I am wondering if anyone has taken both at the same time (again, it will be a five day course of prednisone) and if it was ok?

I am calling the endo who prescribed the florinef. Pharmacist doesn't seem to know if its an issue.


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Well according to drugs interaction website, there doesn't seem to be interactions listed. Florinef and Prednisone target different receptors. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucocorticoid

As you can see in that wikipedia article, Florinef has more than 200 times more affinity to the mineral receptors than Prednisone. It also has 5 times the affinity for gluco-receptors, but

the dosage is so small (.025 mg) that this is negligible. However there is no denying that there will be additive effects, and realistically this is something you should ask an expert pharmacist about.

Call around different pharmacies, they give you free advice.

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