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Heart Beats 1 Billion Times In A Lifetime

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Darn, I can't find the link again! But if that's true.. I'm only gonna live for another 24 years!!! Lol

So say I avg 100bpm during the day & 60 at night, that's 160/2=80 bpm avg for 24 hours

24hours x 60 mins/ hour = 1,440 mins/ day

80bpm x 1,440 mins/ day = 115,200 beats / day

1000000000 beats total / 115,200 beats/ day = 8,651 days

8651 days / 365 days per year = 24 years

Obviously this doesn't account for the beats I've already used up in the last 28 years! Crap! Lol

Anyway, I was just reading a study about heart rate & usually bigger mammals have slower heart rates that they correlate with longer life spans. This study said on average a heart has a life span of 1 billion beats soo I thought I would do the math lol. I'm sure I screwed up somewhere, my 4 year old kept trying to jack my iPad ha ha ha ... Anyways, thought it was silly :P

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I'm gonna have do something about that right now : )

I play a normal heartbeat in the background, as they say it will help get your heart into a normal rhythm.

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