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Fyi For An Emg


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I recently had an EMG (electromyograph) and nerve conduction study done at Mayo to try to figure out why my thumb has had no feeling for 3 months. I know many of us have nerve issues, and I really wish someone would have warned me about this test. The prep instructions say things like "mild discomfort" and "unpleasant but not painful." This was one of the worst tests I have ever had!

I just wanted to share because I made the mistake of driving myself and ended up driving home with one hand because my right arm was completely useless for about 2 hours after, and it ached for days. If you have to have one of these:

A.) I am so sorry and

B.) have someone drive you.

Just wanted to share that because I wish someone had told me. :)

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Yeah, it's awful - when I had mine they did one whole side of me and both legs. It was horrible. Then, I had some nerve type damage in one leg afterwards. They kept sticking this one spot - cause there was no activity - but, I was still feeling it and it hurt really bad. Sorry, you didn't get warned - but, everyone's tolerance to pain is different. What may kill me would be nothing to someone else.


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