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Depression/stress - Possible Connection To Il-6 And Allergy


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Hi issie,

Thanks for posting this. Sadly, my take away message from this was an overwhelming feeling of sympathy

for the mice who were subjected to bullies for 10 days in a row. Fool me once shame on you,

Fool me 10 times and I'd be depressed too. Lol. Hopefully some good will come out of this study.

Fwiw tho, ever since getting sick, I've needed to do something for myself on a regular basis to

keep my spirits up. Whether it's seek out a good movie or tv show, walk thru the mall, play in the water

at the beach, or whatever. Just something that makes me smile.

I actually didn't realize that I was doing this until this year. I'm not feeling depressed but obviously

I'm not happy with my disabled / supine lifestyle. I eat great, laugh, etc just as long as I continue doing this.

All this time, I just thought I was just going stir crazy.

Tc .. D

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I've always said that "Stress is going to kill us all". Well, look at what science is uncovering.

One thing I think is encouraging about this is they know that stress and inflammation in the body has this effect of causing depression now. It may open up other forms of treatment for those that are very depressed and normal tweaking of the hormones (serotonin, dopamine) isn't working. If they work on inflammation and stress response and calming of nerves down ---maybe, this will help those resistant to the traditional SSRI's and SNRI's. It gives a different direction to go.


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Oh, there's one other thing that I wonder about too. With so many of us having what seems to be allergy issues and MCAS - the GastroCrom works on cytokines (IL 6) and inflammation in addition to allergies and will help with modifying autoimmune issues. So, maybe there is more connection amongst POTS people with MCAS then is currently thought. (Just me thinking -out loud.) The GastroCrom should work on the inflammation issues and most of serotonin is made in the gut. So, correct the inflammation and therefore the hormones should improve in the function and levels - (again me thinking out loud). I wonder if there are any studies about these thoughts. Anyone seen anything on it?


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