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Update With Pacemakers And Fantasy Physician League Idea


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Carrie, Wishing you the very best. It is never easy making a decision to insert a medical device into our body I remember the day my doctor suggested to me a pacemaker... I was stunned! I talked my doctor right out of that pacemaker @ appointment # 8 I think it was. He agreed with me after, knowing I would still have POTS and still have years of pacing and ablation after ablation... Meds to take, and with me things don't tend to go easy. We are all different, and all need to make that big overwhelming decision for ourselves, when and if the time comes. Thanks for sharing your great blog ~ :)

((((((I'm buying a round of hugs for everyone))))))


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i dont react very well to medication and was willing to try anything. I am on my second type of pacemaker in 3 years. the first one medtronic(which now sits in a display cabinet in living room, only had it for 7 months and dr. said it couldnt be donated, so i wanted it back). Next pacamaker was a biotronik, which has help lower complete syncope espisodes, still cant do many normal daily life activities( due to chest pains, numbness, fatique, confusion, sweats, gastro problems, vision problems, anxiety, joint pain, plapitations, and graying out, etc), but i will take any help i can get. the first dr (who i researched and got references from friends) really messed me up with pacemaker. pacemaker was wrong type, leads in the wall of my heart, horrible scar that kept the pacemaker from working correctly and wrapped leads under pacemaker that made it stick out from body and new dr said another week to month and it probably would have worn through my skin. this new pacemaker has been the only thing that has given any small amount of some relief. This illness is horrible and so misunderstood since many times our appearance is fine and on good days we are smart people. but it takes a horrible toll on us mentally and physically(somedays cant get out of bed or take care of myself). the only thing left is a sense of humor, sometimes have to laugh about it instead of cry). this is many times misunderstood by doctors. i wish u luck with pacemaker decision. research it carefully and then just wish for the best. they recently put me on 3 new meds. i am keeping my fingers crossed that the help me instead of making me worse.

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