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Comprehensive Information On Licorice


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I take licorice root for POTS and it works great for me. I have tested it many times with the poor mans test and along with salt loading and some green tea my heart rate will only be 10 beats higher upon standing than laying down rather than the 30 plus. The only problem is that it doesnt last very long. Just a few hours. I monitor my blood pressure often and it's still low after licorice 100/60 or so. Before the licorice it's usually much lower. I also have been eating avocados and using "No Salt" for potassium which licorice depletes apparently. Not sure if that helps but I plan on getting my kidneys, liver and blood tested again soon.

Thank you ramakentesh for the article!

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Charlotte, you're welcome.

Kim, I believe you should be looking for licorice not glychyrrizin.

I haven't tried it but I've seen it on shelves in many stores - particularly those selling natural/organic products. I'll PM you if I find a link.


Hi, I'm still trying to find a way to increase my blood pressure without needing to wear compression clothing, which only offers a limited boost anyway. Unfortunately, after having experiencing a few months of NO subluxations, my elbows and shoulders are once again popping out of position which I blame entirely on my weak ligaments becoming an issue again from pulling up the tight Spanx girdle. I've had off and on success with caffeine pills so possibly my good days were just a co-incidence. Florinef seemed to cause me headaches and MIdodrine is dangerous for me to take (it caused my pulse to fall dangerously low)

I've looked into licorice before but was confused with the glychyrrizin vs. de-glychyrrizin (DGL) product choice re: increasing blood pressure. After reading messages that have been posted since I've last been on this thread, I am still confused! It seems that depending on which problem you want addressed, digestion problems or an increase in blood pressure, one product works better than the other.

I googled licorice root -

"Licorice comes from the root of a plant called Glycyrrhiza glabra. It is frequently used to flavour commercial food products such as tea, candy, and cough drops. The Glycrrhiza plant is also used to treat ailments of the upper respiratory tract as well as stomach inflammations."

So It looks like Licorice root is the same as Glycyrrhiza but it seems to be used as a digestive aid and is not mentioned to help boost blood pressure! Yet Alex had said that Kim should be looking for licorice, not glyczrrhiza.

Can somebody tell me please if the product I just purchased should help with my hypotension....I'm not interested in the digestive aid properties but if that's also part of it, no problem...Bonus! The people working at my health store don't know of a product to boost blood pressure.

The product I bought is called ' LICORICE', (organic licorice root and stolon) made by Orange Naturals and its dispensed thru a dropper (tincture). Directions say for adults to take 3ml/3 x day on an empty stomach but these directions are for stomach inflammation! If this should help increase blood pressure, would the same amount be taken as was advised for stomach inflammation?

Thanks for your help :)

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Be careful with licorice. It can cause psuedohyperaldosteronism, yes your BP will elevate but your kidneys will also waste potassium and you will then suffer from hypokalemia which brings its own slew of symptoms such as exhaustion, muscle weakness, elevated and irregular heart rate. I would stay away from it.


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Licorice root can be incredibly helpful, it was life transforming for me until the effects waned after about a year. I did not tolerate fludrocortisone, yet licorice did not give me the unpleasant side effects. During that precious year I was able to make many happy memories with my children, who were very young at the time. I took Swanson's brand. I no longer take it now as it lost effectiveness, & my BP was going too high.

As long as you monitor BP & electrolytes, & check with your own doctor that you have no individual contraindications/potential drug interactions, it can be amazing. It is also inexpensive to buy & not as dangerous as some other drugs used to manage POTS/OI. 

B xxx

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