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Racing Heart When Sick?


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Yup. A mild rise in heart rate is a normal response to an infection...increased metabolic needs to fight the infection and all that. My heart rate rises out of porportion to other stress (like walking across the room) so it doesn't suprise me that it rises out of porportion to being sick too.

A large rise in heart rate, especially when coupled with an increased respiratory rate and/or a decreased blood pressure can be a sign of a serious infection that needs prompt medical attention.

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Yes, I just went through this a few months ago. I had a nasty virus with a high fever and then a month later had Strep throat with a high fever. Both times I was tachycardic, even while laying down. My heartrate wouldn't come under 100, which the Dr. said was normal with a fever. I don't remember a fast heartrate with illness before POTS - so I think somehow the POTS plays into this.

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