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Dizzy, Lightheaded With High Bp?


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I swear I have probably asked this before, and I did a search and didn't see anything but I'll blame it on the dizziness!

I'm on Florinef and it seems to be doing a good job keeping my bp up. It's normal/slightly high, but I am still feeling fatigued, dizzy, and light headed. What gives?!

I'm going to see my doctor again soon and I'll mention it, but why would this be? I thought dizziness and lightheadedness was mainly from low bp and low blood volume. I'm drinking tons of water and salt tabs when I need to. Anything else I could try in the mean time?

Getting really tired of this!

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I have this too on midodrine & florinef. I dont know what can be done, unfortunately. My dr put me on a 24 HR bp monitor & I'm waiting for him to call me with the results this afternoon. He said if the average is high that I'll have to decrease the midodrine some. Apparently it means I'm getting but why am I not feeling much better?

Sorry that wasn't much help

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I think anytime your Autonomic Nervous System is out of balance, you will be dizzy without meds. I started out hypertensive with dysautonomia, which is rare....roller coaster blood pressure with hills and valleys. What's normal anyway...When I was little I was hypotensive and hypoglycemic; grazing all the time to keep something in my stomach constantly to prevent feeling faint or nauseated. I don't take either of the meds you are on....

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