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Temperature Regulation Overcompensation?

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For those of you who have temperature regulation problems, do you get a fever after being cold?

I've just been to the GP. The window was open in the waiting room and I got quite chilly, despite keeping my coat on. I was shivering by the time the doctor saw me and when she took my temperature she said I had a fever. This lead to her diagnosing an infection and prescribing antibiotics.

When I got home and was comfortably warm I took my temperature and it was normal. An hour later I felt a bit shivery again and it was slightly raised but no where near what the doctor said it was.

Could an overcompensation of my temperature regulation have temporarily spiked a fever?

This isn't the first time I've had this problem. I spent a day at a friends house. We were in the kitchen and she had the back door open all day and I got quite chilly. On the way home I started to feel ill and the next 24 hours I spiked a high fever. I had a severe headache and my body hurt all over but I didn't have any other signs of infection. After 24 hours my temp went back to normal and I felt fine.

Is this part of dysautonomia or am I just weird?



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Yes this happens to me but usually I just get a slight fever, like no higher than 100. After I warm up I feel better again.

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Oh, is that why I keep getting told I have a fever when I collapse? I should take my temperature more often and see if there's a pattern. I suspect there are a good few rounds of antibiotics I never needed to be on.

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Oh yah I can be freezing cold (wrapped in blankets, gloves etc in the summer) and then all the sudden I feel beads of sweat forming all over and I kind of panic and feel like if I don't cool down soon I'm going to pass out!!

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