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Cumberland Hospital


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Hey Guys. So I know I did a post a little bit ago asking about this hospital but I thought id make a new one since I viewed the program. I wanted to share this with memebers who are under age 22 or have kids struggling with dysautonomia or any chronic illness who are under 22. This program was suggested by my pediatrican who wants me to be admitted here. I looked at it and I honestly think it is a amazing program! expecially that it is just a hospital for childrens and adolescents. It is in virginia which is bit a drive for us but well worth it if I can get the help I need. Anyways I just wanted to share this with you guys. Here is the website so if anyone is interested they can look at it:


- They have everything from the entire overview of the chronic illness program to virtual tours of the facility .... one other really good thing they have there is a whole array of people each patient will have a pediatrican while there and then if needed they have : pediatric cardiologist, endecrinologist, gastrointerologist (if someone with a chronic illness will need these specialties during the hospitilization) also have psychologist/psychiatrist , psychotherapist, physcial therapist, occupational therapist.

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