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Late august I had what I thought was a heat rash or yeast rash on my left side where my heart rate monitor is when I exercise. After a few weeks w/antifungal cream it cleared up except for a few tiny bumps that are still there.  They don't itch anymore. 

About weeks ago (2, I think?)  I had what seemed like a really sore pimple on my rear end and in two days the left side of my rear was covered is these swollen, red  bumps that really hurt and almost burned. I ended sitting on ice packs.  I started using the anti fungal & since  i was at the dr asked about it. She said it has the appearance of shingles. 

 She did a culture from the puss & a blood test. They  both came back negative.

The left side is  settling down but I have all these purple festered scabs.

Now a few days ago it started to break out on the right side of my backend and hip.

What is going on? It looks like shingles but isn't & is showing up in new places weekly. 

A shot in the dark, Mid-august I started a beta blocker (inderal) at night. Could I be having a hive like reaction to it? They say if you have MCAD you should stay away from beta blockers. I have no clue if I have MCAD  no ones ever looked into it. But it doesn't look like hives & hives don't last for weeks. 

I'm just finding the whole thing odd.    Could it be a strange rash that needs to run it's course? 

I have an appointment next week & if it doesn't go away I'll have to how my dr. 

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Are the tests for shingles accurate? I'm not really familiar with the accuracy of the tests. As a generally "hivey" person, hives can absolutely last for weeks at a time...my longest bout was 8 1/2 weeks with steroid and antihistamine treatment. But, recently I woke up one morning with hives scattered all over my body (we suspect a reaction to a viral infection) and they lasted for almost 3 wks. and I am on H1 and H2 blockers. I wasn't really symptomatic of any viral infection except for a mild sore throat.

Have you considered going to a dermatologist to have a biopsy or additional scraping? Maybe a dermatologist would be more able to recognize what it really is since they see this crazy stuff every day.

Hope these go away soon. I can empathize and sympathize with how annoying and uncomfortable this can be (especially the ones on the bum.) :blink:

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Katybug, I'm not sure about the accuracy. I was at an obgyn a few days after it started so I showed her, she did the scrapping thing and a blood test. I did have chickenpox and the test indicated that I did in the past.

I'm in a new area, I don't know many dr's so that makes it harder. I have an appointment with my pots dr next week and am trying to hold out till then

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