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Happy Easter, little early


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Guest tearose

Back at you dear blackwolf!

To all those celebrating...Happy Easter!

To all...Happy Spring!

May we all have wonderful spring like days filled with chirping birds, blue skies and dancing light.

Oh, and speaking of dancing light...we are soooo glad she is back among those logged on!

warm wishes, tearose

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hey you all!


blackwolf...i needed that smile you gave me! and tea too! thanks! i feel loved!

i hope you all have a good holiday...don't eat too much chocolate! :)

for those of you who celebrate this holiday...i hope it will bring the renewal that easter symbolizes...i know a lot of us need it! :blink:

don't overdo! :)


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Happy Easter to all!!!

We have the custom to hide eggs for the children at Easter. My husband adviced our youngest son to make me write down where I put them because I wouldn't remember where they were!!!! (I coulnd't remember where I put a birthday present lately and had to call him at work). Do you hide eggs in the US (or elsewhere) as well???

I wish you nice relaxing days!!!


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