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Epinephrine Levels In Blood Test

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I recently had some blood tests done, and I always get a copy of the results for myself. They did a catecholamine test and the norepinephrine part came back fine but for the epinephrine, it came back flagged high. It says that the normal range is 0-62, and mine was 94. The doctor that ordered the tests never called me or anything..so I'm wondering if that's a normal number? I guess everything fluctuates a little bit, I'm just curious if anyone knows what is considered too high,

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If its flagged high and it is outside the normal range on the high side, then it is considered abnormally high. how concerning this is, is for you and your doc to decide. They havent checked mine so sorry, i dont have any other info to share. you should call your doc to discuss this and ask any questions you have.

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