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funny thing happened to me..........


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Well, an alternative to the tilt test.....(which I never had insurance to be able to do...)

Last semester in physiology lab we had to put our hands in ice water for 3 minutes. We were checking how our ANS works. With cuff on, my partner noted my blood pressure dropped 50 points. Good thing I was sitting or I would have passed out. I started to go and felt extremely naseauted dizzy etc.... Funny thing was that everyone elses in the room increased- which is what it was suppose to do..... Same with exercising- but not as big a change--- mine decreased and BP was suppose to increase....... sigh,

Now what is going on????..... why does our Sympathetic/parasympathetec not cooperate better .........

hmmmmmm interesting,....

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Same thing happenned to me in my physiology class years ago, also my pulse was always high. It is part of the physiology of dysautonomia. I think that at that time it was a clue that I missed. As my doc said yesterday:If anything bizarre is going to hapen it will be to you" and that applies to all of us. We're special. Not in the way we would wish though. I think it would be good to keep a journal of all these things so when we know more you willbe able to been there done that!!!!!!

Miriam :)

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