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Stopping Florinef After 1 Day Of Use?

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I took one 0.1 mcg Florinef pill 2 days ago. On the same day, I discovered that I have Anti-TPO Antibodies against my thyroid from my endo. We came to the conclusion that my symptoms are from early stage hypothyroidism, not POTS (I never had tachycardia anyways).

I stopped taking Florinef 0.1 mcg yesterday morning.

Yesterday, the day after I took Florinef, I felt very jittery with some fluid retention and a headache. Today I feel very down and more lightheaded than usual. Is this a normal reaction to stopping florinef?

How long will it take to recover from this? I only took 1 pill.

Thank you for your help!

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I know Florinef is very helpful to a lot of people, but it absolutely wrecked me. I was jittery, buzzy, feeling panicky, shaky - and I took 1/4 of the dose that the doc recommended. I don't think it was just low blood sugar b/c I made sure I ate when I took it. Then I got an optical migraine (where there is a growing moving blurry spot in your field of vision in one eye), and decided at that point Florinef wasn't for me. It took a few days before the symptoms subsided. Hope you feel better soon.

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I'm like you, ipad. Midodrine is no longer working very well for me, and I had tried Florinef three times before with nasty side effects. But, there was nothing else to really try to improve my symptoms, so I decided to try it again. I took 1/2 .1 Florinef, and had nauseous, an almost immediate bad headache, heartburn, and was jittery and felt like I had the flu. Targs66, like you, I've had it with the Florinef.

Hope you're feeling better soon, ipad. I took my dose yesterday, and this morning am still feeling the effects. I think it'll take another day or two to get the drug out of your system. Good luck and Cheers, Jana

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