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To Gena

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Just wanted to send you a note to say I"m incredibly sorry for your grandmother's passing. I can't imagine how hard being there was, but it seems as if she did pick the best time, and I have faith that her suffering is done. But I am sorry that your family has to endure the great loss, and I wish you strength and health during this week (well forever) but especially during the funeral activities.

Take Care Gena,


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Guest tearose

Dear Gena,

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear grandmother. You spoke so lovingly of her. I can only imagine how you must ache right now...I am so sorry.

I pray you will be comforted by your family and by the wonderful memories you made with her.

sincerely, tearose

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I have been doing a lot of lurking myself lately, but wanted to respond to this post. Gena I am sorry of your loss> I am so glad that your Grandma was not alone. I went through this last year with my husbands Grandparents. They died within four months of each other. We were able to be there with both of them. Watching someone die definitely is life altering, but it was very beautiful. I miss his grandparents terribly, I never had any.

I am sorry of your loss. Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful person. I glad that you have found memories of her. I am sure this loss is very hard for you.

I am sending love and good thoughts your way. I hope this does not make your POTS hole worse.

Dawn A

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Thanks to all of you for your support and sympathy. You are so sweet and it means the world to me to know you're thinking of me and my family.

Right now I'm trying to focus on work and also planning the details of my grandmother's memorial service, which will be this Saturday. I'm suppressing some of my grief just so I can function and get through the week...but I'm sure it will catch up to me this weekend.

Thanks everyone. Sending cyber hugs back to you all.


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you may be at the memorial as i write this...

i hope that now that it is over you will be able to let yourself truly grieve...

i just wanted you to know that i was thinking about you. i know it made such a difference to your grandmother to have your there with her all that time...she sounds so wonderful.

in judaism we say 'may her memory be a blessing...' it sounds like your grandmother's spirit was so beautiful and her memory will be so warm and wonderful...

people have been soooo incredibly kind and generous to me during my time of needing to be away from dinet...and i know that we will all do the same for you...

if anyone can uderstand your need to be away...it's us!

tearose gave me a 'leave' and i tell you, that was the best way to put it...i felt relieved to know it was 'okay' to be away while i needed to and that i would be welcomed back when i could return...

so, please, take caer of yourself as long as you need to and know that we will be here when you are ready to return!

i am glad steph posted this to you, b/c i have been so out of the loop that i completely missed the whole earlier thread of what has been going on with you...which is A LOT!

also...thanks for the wonderful card! super cute!

sending you calming, healing light...


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