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Comprehensive Guide Good/bad Drugs For Mcas Does It Exist?

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There are lots and lots of posts on here about MCAS and drug treatments and drugs to avoid. Recently somebody did put up a very interesting article listing a few drugs that were bad for Mast Cells or "degranulators" I have been trying to google a more comprehensive list as to what are known to be good and bad medications because so far for me, drugs that have tolerated tend to be those that fall into the no, no category for MCAS.

Does anyone know links please?

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That was the type of thing, of course there are exceptions, Tramadol is worse than Codeine for me but Aspirin and NSAID's are not on my xmas card list. Thanks again.

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Hi Issie,

I took a look at her blog and noticed that she has a long list of possible triggers. This list is why

many of us just go on the Paleo diet. That way we're not reading labels trying to avoid each and every

chemical found in our food supply.

Also, once someone gets all those chemicals out of their system they're less likely to respond to everything.

I still react to certain foods like gluten, dairy, soy, etc but I don't react as strong to others.

It's early for me still so that's as far as I got.

Tc ... D

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