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Just wanted to post about two friends of mine that were both diagnosed with POTS. One friend was diagnosed last October after surgery. She now considers herself to be in full remission. I know everyone will want to know what these ladies did to get better, so she took Florinef, exercised and weight trained, Biofeedback and eats clean. She stressed all at the same time and very consistently is what got her there. The second girl I have known for several years Pre pots. I ran into her at a local restaurant one day last summer and stared chatting. We started talking about exercising and she told me I didn't need to because I was so thin. I told her I didn't do it for weight reasons, but because I had a condition called Pots. She was floored because she had been diagnosed with it too. A year went by and I texted her the other day and she told me she was100 percent better from Pots and ready to go back to work. She was finally diagnosed with Sjogrens after 6 years of being sick. She takes a 5 mg dose of propranolol and b12 shots. So, both of these ladies are very encouraging. Thought I would share good news. Neither one of course visit here.

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