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I have had it!!!!!


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Havent posted for a while but I just found out that I cant get my meds after June. I am getting SSDI and I pay for my medicare but that doesnt cover the six meds I'm taking everyday. I know I cant do without my Lopresser, its the only thing that keeps me going with my Pots. I dont know what to do now but the only reason they are cutting me off the state program is because my husband got a .25 cent raise and social security gave me alittle raise then they took it away to pay for my medicare but I still make too much money for my meds..Makes me sick !!!!

Anyone have any suggestions, let me know.



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Are you aware that most drug companies have a Patient assistance program. I get all but one of my drugs for free. Check with your doctor about these patient care, sometimes called indogent care, programs. Most programs require your doc to do the paper work so they usuall have someone in the office who does this. Most states, not all, also have programs that can be used in conjunction with medicare, and even some stores ( I use Hyvee and get extra off per script and for so much spent each month). I can't remember where, but there is a list of all the drugs that are covered by the Patient Assist. program, But, and I have, you might be able to convince the drug company that you need help and they can help you.

Also, your state will pay for your medicare deductable and copay, these are available thru your medicaid office, I would suggest asking the receptionist as they usually know the person(s) handling that part of the program.

best of luck, hope it helps


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Blackwolf is soo right. Start now working with your doc to get info and apply for these programs. They are paperwork intesive for your pcp, but this is enough time to get started. See if your doc has samples, if so he/she can ask for more of the ones you need. Also I would start "needing more" now and saving them for later. Will keep thinking. MP-K

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Hi Carlacat,

I think that if they give you a raise and they disqualify you for meds because you have too much money they are mistreating you. In reality they are not giving you a raise, they are lowering your income. This is not fair for you. I hope you find a solution fast.


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