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When Iv Saline Works, How Long Does It Last?

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Hi jangle,

I haven't had any success with saline ivs but I do get relief from taking 1000 mg of

salt sublingually (on top of tongue actually) at times. And it lasts several hours.

I'm sure it only works if that's what my body needs. The same is

true when it comes to keeping my blood glucose regulated. I only need to sugar load when it's

gotten too low.

I use either table salt or sea salt. And allow 250 mg at a time to SLOWLY dissolve in my mouth when finished taking all the salt I drink 8 - 16 oz of water. Any faster and I get stomach cramps. Also it needs to dissolve in your mouth. Don't swallow it.

Over time, I've found that 500 mg helps but 1000 mg has a more lasting effect. A word of caution tho.

The very first time I did this I did it too quickly and got a headache. It takes me about 10 minutes now because I take the time for it to completely clear my mouth and upper esophagus (i think) before adding the next dose. In other words my saliva returns to it's normal state.

Of course you may not need this much salt. I can feel it helping as it dissolves and guage it from there.

Eta .. So I tried this while I was typing this to see if it's what I was needing but it wasn't. I

noticed but forgot to mention that sometimes my tongue will feel burned after doing this. I don't know why tho.

Hth .. Good luck .. D

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My improvement from saline lasted probably around 30+ hrs. I got it one day just after lunch and it lasted until the next night I went to bed. I got 1L. The morning after the saline was the one and only morning in 9 months that I was actually able to get right out of bed...every other morning it has taken me between 45 mins-1 hour before I'm ready to move. I can't even swallow a pill until my body has been awake for at least 1/2 hr. So the saline made a huge difference for me.

I hope it helps you!

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I use IV saline therapy as a "bailout" when I get really symptomatic or as a preventative measure before a stressful event ( flying, travel, etc). It really helps me and I am so thankful for it as a last resort. I have had times when it didn't initially seem to help (needed more doses) and other times when it has been miraculous (as described by allaboutpeace). When I'm in really bad shape one dose of IV is not enough but if I have it every other day 3 times it will help. (my script is for 2ltrs up to 3x per week PRN) The most it has lasted (feeling miraculous improvement) is 2.5 days but it always improves my condition.

I'm traveling in Idaho now. I live in FL. I had 2 ltrs before getting on the plane. (had between 8-10am, flew from 6pm - 2am). I had virtually no symptoms on plane which is nothing short of a miracle for me. After 2 days at high altitude 5500 ft, I was nearly comatose. Had lined up fluids at the local small hospital in advance so when I went in on Monday they were ready for me. After ultras I was feeling better again and able to play w my family and kids a bit. Now I'm back in bed, on and off but able to gt up periodically. May go back for more. Will get another couple of liters for sure before getting on the plane to go home. Hope this detail helps.

I discussed this w Dr. jaeger at Cleveland Clinic- he does not like this as an ongoing therapy because of risk of infection but approves of it as an occasional measure. Vandy has a research study going on right now about IV saline usage for POTS and I'm thinking of going up to participate.

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When I have gotten fluids it usually lasts about 36-48 hours for me, but stuff seems to linger in my system- meds, numbing from the dentist, etc. I WISH I could get a script for fluids. My primary is willing to get infusions set for me, but she wants a directive from Mayo. I would just like to be able to get fluids when I need a bump.

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McBlonde I had the exact same experience. I was given two bags and went to the bathroom about 5 times throughout the infusion; it seemed I was literally peeing it out at the same rate it was coming in. Maybe that's why it didn't last very long for me, because it sounds like it lasts a long time for most people. Nothing seems to want to stay in my system very long. Even my cholesterol is super low (too low) and the doctor says it's because I'm not absorbing well, good or bad. :)

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