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Alopecia Grrr....

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Hi everyone.

This is a new symptom for me, small patches of hairloss in beard (i am a guy :) ). Not the end of the world by any means, as I can just go clean shaven and it's OK, but i prefer some stubble.

Will go see the GP soon, but It seems best approach is to leave it initially and see what happens. I have the MCAD/POTS/EDS trio but not sure where this fits in.

Quite frustrated as had tons of autoimmune bloods a few weeks ago, and out of 20 or so tests all came back normal apart from a couple which were top end of normal range so not sure what to make of this.

Any one else had experience of this stuff on the face?


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Not on the face, but on the head. And I have HyperPOTS/MCAS/EDS and now showing high in one autoimmune marker and only lack one point high in another one. I also have vitiligo and you may find that alopecia and vitiligo go hand in hand. My vitiligo came first and then the alopecia. They keep checking my thyroid function and now that's the one that only lacks one point in flagging high antibodies.


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