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Positive Update!

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So I know a couple of people have posted a bit about blood pooling in the legs, valve and vein issues, etc.

Well I finally had my appointment with the vascular surgeon at my nearby hospital. They did ultrasounds on both of my legs and determined I have severe venous insufficiency- the valves aren't getting much back up toward my heart when im sitting or standing.

When the Dr actually came in to speak with me, he was shocked that I'm only 23 with such bad varicose veins and the extent of my problems were upsetting. He also DID RESEARCH ON POTS (!!!! OMG!) and said he thinks that if this isn't causing the majority of my problems, it's at least contributing to them, definitely.

They took some pictures and I've been scheduled to have greater saphenous ablations with phlebectomy on both of my legs. He says this will reduce the pain and swelling in my legs, improve the appearance, and REDUCE OR ELIMINATE SYMPTOMS CAUSED BY THE POOLING OF BLOOD IN MY LEGS- which is what my Dr. at Cleveland Clinic suggested was the culprit of my POTS.

I'm so excited to have some answers, and hopeful that this pushes me in the right direction- toward recovery :D

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I had the stab phlebectomy when I was 26. It was absolutely one of the best things I've EVER done for myself. My leg veins were horrible. This really helped the pain I had in my legs. I went on to have sclerosing therapy later. I don't really know what the other procedure is you're talking about. But, just that alone - made a huge difference in how my legs felt. Surprisingly, it was not very painful at all and I'm a big baby. I just had to keep my legs elevated for quite a long time and wrapped in ace bandages for a long time. But, it sure was a good thing to do. I didn't know I had POTS back then, but thinking back - I was able to be more active after that - I did have some of the bad veins come back with time - but, for the most part - they have not returned and that was over 20 something years ago. So, don't be scared - it wasn't bad - for me. I'd do it again.


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