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Instead Of Iv Saline, Other Iv Rehydration

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Well I'm sure adding salt or IV saline (salt water) is the answer if it is true hypovolemia. On the other hand even with tests like Daxor, I'm not convinced of the validity of that test. No doubt we have signs of dehydration, like thirst, fatigue and tachy, but it might be something slightly different than anyone can explain yet...

If it was straight up dehydration then salt or water, or saltwater would not help that much. The two above treatments are better options. They used to give IV Saline for diarrhea but it was much less effective..

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Just read an article on Medscape regarding the starch. In patients with severe dehydration (usually due to blood loss from accidents) the starch worked great initially, but then caused kidney failure - seems like it gummed up the glomeruli. The ER physicians are getting away from using it -- ringer's lactate however, seems to not have that same problem. Since we're considered "healthy" patients, who knows, though I tell nurses to treat me as if I'm in heart failure - everything gets done slower and it seems my body can better adjust.


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Why do we use lactated ringers? Because lactated ringers is most like normal extracellular fluid. If you must give a couple liters of normal saline to a burn patient, you will not harm them but remember that normal saline contains a large amount of chloride. If you give very much chloride to a burn patient there is a potential for metabolic acidosis. Fluid which contains dextrose is not used for two reasons:

  • Does not contain any electrolytes,
  • There is potentially a large amount of adrenaline in the bloodstream which makes these patients glucose intolerant. Their blood glucose levels will increase which will cause their urine output to increase, therefore they will not be getting resuscitated appropriately. http://uuhsc.utah.edu/burncenter/emergencycare/treatment.html

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Great article mcblondie .. ; ) .. Thanks. I'm always dehydrated despite drinking plenty of water so I

may want to reconsider this.

So what kind of doctor knows which iv would be best for which patient ? What

labs, if any, do they run to determine this ?

My problem with needles is the pain from the puncture area. It can be extremely painful and the

pain may last for days or weeks. I'm perfectly fine sometimes too tho. Is it the needle perhaps ?

Or maybe the person sticking me ?

I stopped doing b12 injections because of residual pain and bruising too tho. I was always sore

and rarely noticed any improvement.

I had 5 - 6 meyer's cocktails in saline iv last year and the pain lessened after about 3. They were too expensive for

me to continue and I never felt better. Other than my veins stopped hurting. Any ideas what that

means ?

Tc ...d

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How do you know when you need the IV. Are you just on a schedule or just get it when you need it?


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