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Meds to bring up blood pressure

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Hi everyone,

I know that everyone takes something different, but I was wondering what suggestions are out there to bring up blood pressure a bit without bringing up heart rate and adrenaline? I tried beta blockers, but the beta blockers made my adrenaline go crazy. My doc said she might try calcium channel blockers next. Anyone know about these? Thanks, and I hope everyone does okay with the warm weather approaching...best wishes for you all.


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I think the most common medication given to POTS patients to increase BP is florinef. Beta blockers are supposed to stabilize BP and HR, but have the effect of lowering BP in most people. That's why beta blockers are often given along with a drug like florinef or midodrine.

Some people take licorice root (herbal supplement) to increase their BP too, but I am hesitant to do this because it seems to have a lot of side effects. Good luck.

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I responded to a similar question:


I read a news article about a new application of an existing drug, Pyridostigmine, about which Dr. Philip Low of the Mayo Clinic said, "We wanted a 'smart drug' that would only increase blood pressure when standing up, and not when lying down." :rolleyes:


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Here's a link to the article:



PS to Ann--I don't know the difference in mechanism between calcium channel blockers and regular beta blockers ... I bet Google does ... :) I take toprol xl now (25 mg) and it's going ok... Are you saying your heart rate went up when you took a bb instead of down? There are different bbs out there to try--and obviously different doses. It might be worth giving these a second look. I hope the calcium channel kind will be perfect for you!

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