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Migraine Meds


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I've recently started having migraines again. Was at the MD yesterday and he rather reluctantly gave me a sample of Imitrex to try. To quote - "Not sure how your body will react to this". A reasuring statement don't you think?

I've taken Fiorinal in the past, but with the caffeine in it I'm reluctant to start it again. I eliminated all caffeine from my diet two years ago when I was diagnosed with POTS.

Has any one ever taken this or what do you take? Any side effecs?

By the way, I reacted quite severly to beta blockers. MD advised me never to take them again or I could die.



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I've had all of the possible forms of imitrex: nasal spray, pills and injection. Here's what happens for me: It DOES work, but only after about a half our of feeling as though I'm going to die: chest heaviness, then all over body heaviness, like gravity has doubled and I just can't muster the effort to lift my hand. Also, I get nauseated, and feel warm for the period just before the headache stops.

After that passes, I do get relief. We both get migraines here at home, and both of us have the same side effects. We have an inside joke about it: Imitrex really doesn't take away the migraine, it only changes your perspective on life such that after taking the drug you're just glad your not DEAD so you don't notice the headache as much ;)

In the same group of drugs, I've taken Amerge. Much less side effect with that one. Only a few minutes of discomfort. If you haven't tried Migranal nasal form of DHE, it's the one thing that gave me relief during a 3 month long migraine--and almost NO side effects, just a little lightheaded for a few minutes, and then relief.

Hope you find something that works well for you. Nina

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I never had a pre-pots life--I was born with it, so my report of my side effects is w/ full blown POTS. I do have to say, that within about 5 minutes of ingesting my first tablet, I needed to lie down for several hours. Be prepared for that.


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I'm one of those POTS patients that are severely sensitive to medications. I take minimal or 1/2 the dose of just about everything. However, I take Imitrex for my migraines and not only dose it work great, I normally have NO side effects with it. As easy to take as a tylenol. 25 mg used to get rid of my migraines first dose, recently I've had to take a repeat dose of 25 mg in the first hour.


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