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Has Anyone Ever Noticed They Have A Wide Pulse Pressure Or Narrow One? Also Possible Reason For Pots

Pulse Pressure  

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Interesting post, mine is always narrow. Usually below 20,sometimes as low as 10 and never ever above 30. My bp runs very low and seems the lower it is the narrower the PP is as well. Bp usually runs around 84/68 ish. Meds seem to lower heartrate a minute amount but have no effect on bp or pp. Even when I was hospitalized and IV'ing and on Midodrine and florinef, my heartrate became normal but bp stayed the same. Any ideas? It would seem to me thet hypovolemia would be ruled out as cause of low bp and pp then...?

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Hi Matt, =)

On good days;

lying between 60-90

sitting 80-100

standing 100-180 standing varies wildly but lately been settling around 130 as long as I dont exert myself


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I know for a long time many Docs didn't have much interest in PP because it didn't seem to indicate anything in most people,I know recently there was a study done(can't find it now)which suggested a link between PP and a slightly early mortality rate in older patients,which got some interest, HOWEVER,it's very important to remember that that study doesn't really apply to people with Dysautonomia, as it was based on otherwise healthy patients with unexplained PP variations.

For people like us with PP,we(usually) already know why it's happening,for us it's seems more like wide/narrow PP is more a symptom, than a cause, in Rich's research He mentions "arterial tone", from my understanding BP is controlled by the Autonomic nervous system, by the mechanism of constricting/dilating venous tone in the vascular system ,and the heart,acting as only the pump does not actually have a role in these variations other than compensating via rapid heart rate(tachycardia), by that logic would we not have some explanation in that vascular tone is regulated by the Autonomic system, and for various reasons, we are people for whom the Autonomic system does not function properly?

All that said it would seem that the new studies on PP,which are early days at best,probably don't mean anything too ominous for us as we already have a fair idea of what's gone wrong with our BP, PP variations are just another reflection of that.

Just my half baked opinion,I'm open to correction on all of the above.

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I have generally low blood pressure. Times when I've had problems with feeling dizzy and weak right before the shakes set in (most often at night so I have to be quick and not fumble), my pulse pressure is very narrow. I hypothesize it's from shock, and the resulting adrenaline causes the shakes.

Regarding the UTI diagnosis-docs very often have initially suspected me if having UTI because when I'm symptomatic (ie at the doc office or in the ER) I am positive for leukocytes. I've been doing home urine test strips so I have seen for myself how it is usually negative (normal) for leukocytes but I'll go through spells where it's positive, usually correlating w symptoms. Anyway, subsequent cultures by doc offices are always negative for bacteria (and nitrates or whatever the other complementary result is), so it's never UTI. When I was last ambulances to the ER (I was having urination issues that I now think are more water balance issues than bladder related), shaking etc, the ambulance lady kindly offered her opinion that it was classic UTI presentation. ER guy tested-nope. It was adrenal crisis (and then docs ignore the positive leuk result because it's no longer relevant to them so I don't know why this keeps happening). Sorry for straying off topic but wanted to add that...

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I think my weirdest BP was 100/90. This was while my heart was going 170 and I had cold pain going up to my jaw, home alone sitting on the floor, feeling very faint. That was an ambulance day.

I've also seen it be things like 115/100 when I'm standing and very symptomatic. Narrow PP is a symptom of low blood volume, which most of us seem to have (going by studies at least), so it doesn't surprise me.

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