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Update Been A Long Time/ Question On Hunter Hopkins Center

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It has been a long time and trying to get back in the swing of things but I have been in and out of the hospital since May. Recently had 2 more hospitilizations one being another two week stay and the other been 5 days just got out yesterday. My POTS and gastroperisis have just been acting up really bad. I go to see my cardio from duke childrens for my follow up this coming thursday which couldn't of come at a better time. But putting all that aside have some questions for you guys about hunter hopkins.

So... has anyone been? was it helpful? anyone saw dr.black? ... I was referred to them by my pediatrician and pushed it aside. But then since ive been getting sicker I thougth I take a look at it and immediately fell in love with their step-wise approach and how they do things. But I wanted to see if anyone has had any kind of experience with them first. So if anyone knows anything, has been there, anything at all would be helpful.

Thanks so much. Hope everyone is doing well.



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