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marshfield clinic (Wisconsin)


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Sounds like everyone feels gloomy. Count me in. We have gotten almost 2 feet of snow since last night and it's snowing heavy now. I'm so sick of being sick, my family is so sick of me being sick. I feel like a piece of furniture. I hardly move. ANYWAY,

The cardiologist I saw would not sign my LTD form. (surprise, surprise). He said he never heard of POTS and said "I declare ignorance." I brought him some information, he wasn't interested. So back to square one. Their is a neurologist at marshfield clinic that specializes in POTS. He can see me on the 30th. I spoke with his assistant. She said they will tilt me for 30 minutes, that he follows Dr. Grubb's protocols. I guess he's leaving their clinic in May and moving to Milwaukee. 2 questions:

Has anyone been to Marshfield Clinic?

How long have your tilt table tests been, my other 2 were only 10 minutes.


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I live in Wisconsin and can't tell you anything first-hand about Marshfield Clinic, but can tell you that it is very well regarded around here. It's kind of like the Mayo Clinic of Wisconsin, for what that's worth. I know a couple of people who have received very good care there. And it's where people with rare diseases go.

Good luck.


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