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Prayers for each other


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Hi all,

Everyone looks in bad shape this month, so im suggesting that we say prayer for one another.

My Prayer:


Lord Jesus may you heal and bless us all on the DINET forum,

Were all in a difficult situation at times and pray that you stand by us,

When we feel weak lord gives us your strength and your helping hand to help us back up,

Lord anything is possible with you as you are a healing lord, a giving lord, and a caring lord,

May we all be blessed in the name of jesus chirst, the one who gave his life to us and gave us eternal life


** Post your prayers, i will say them aloud here now **

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Amen. I pray for all of us as well, including my newly diagnosed son. May God heal us all or atleast give us better days and better ways to cope with our situations. And may the medical field get more educated quickly so that they can help us and others that come along as well.

God Bless You All

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I am praying for you all also.

May God bless you,


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I just pray that he's going to forgive me for being mad at him all the time. It's like some big cosmic joke. I used to have a lot of faith, but It's gotten lost somewhere in the middle of all this. I still pray, but have a hard time truly believing he's listening...someplace better to be. :P morgan

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Morgan, I know how you feel. I felt that way often until last week, then I felt that way constantly(that is when my son was diagnosed as well). I can truly understand but something is telling me not to give up, not sure what but something. Please hang in there and try not to lose all faith(I will practice what I preach as well)

Many hugs to you,


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Herman Melville-Moby ****

There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange affair called life when one is forced to except the universe as a vast practical joke.

Or something like that.

I make an effort every day to say "thank you" for at least 10 things.

For example: Thank you for giving me the sun rise that brings me a new day that might bring me help and peace and that I might help someone else today.


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