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Roller Skating/blading?

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Hello everybody,

I am fed up with the frustration, and life passing me by.

Decided that as soon as the dysautonomia symptoms improve a bit following my latest bout of thyrotoxicosis, I am going to go rollerskating with my daughter.

By 'go rollerskating' I mean covered in protective gear, in a safe empty place with my husband there for help if need be, maybe for just 2 minutes at a time... But at least it will be 2 minutes of feeling a tiny bit of freedom from my body prison!

Does anybody else skate despite dizziness etc? Any tips/ advice?

This is something I am totally determined to do, no matter what. I hope it is enjoyable!

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Hi Flower,

I loved rollerskating and went on several trips with my son. Unfortunately during one of our holidays where we took our skates with us I fell and broke my tail bone. That stopped me from rollerskating and after having surgery (about a year later) POTS hit really hard. I was determined to go back to rollerskating once I got cured but my hubby was so fed up with it that he threw my rollerskates away (after telling me :) ). He was right, I was never able to do it again.

It seems you're doing everything to be safe so I'd say: do it and enjoy it. I hope it will bring you a smile!!!

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