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Letter From Lawyer Regarding The Appeal

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I applied for SSI in April, and had gotten my denial letter in June. I went to see a lawyer and he filed my appeal.

I just received a letter from my lawyer saying they filed for a request for reconsideration and to contact his office as soon as I receive my notification of the decision in case social security does not send him a copy.

The appeal says "The claimant disagrees with the determination made on his or her claim and requests reconsideration. The reasons are: I have been unable to work for a period in excess of one year due to my disability; therefore, I qualify for benefits under the Act." I could had wrote that myself.

Is this all an appeal is suppose to say? It doesn't sound convincing enough to me to get approved.

What was the benefit of me hiring an attorney?

Also the day of my appointment I talked with Takacs. He said his niece had POTS, and how I had a very good case, etc.

The letter they just sent me says ,"The claimant is represented by Vernos J Williams, who is an attorney."

I called the attorneys office and this girl said they put Vernos J Williams on all the appeals because social security recognizes his name. She said that all the attorneys work together. I don't understand.

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I had to use an attorney for my ltd disability appeal and was very impressed with her. I'm not saying anything about the firm you are using but can just tell you about my experience. Any time my attorney communicated with the insurance company, the letters were all legalese speak, citing various other cases, etc... In short, things that I could NOT have done. She was in touch with all of my doctors and got all of them to write letters to her specifications PLUS she had a vocational expert review my case and write a report. My appeal was hundreds of pages long...and took months to do. The attorney also had my family & friends write affidavits as to how my illness affects my life.

Did you receive good referrals for this attorney that you are using?

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