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Does Anyone Ever Experience This?

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I am bedridden and when I sit up for short periods of time ( because thats all I can stand) I am fine until I lay back down then I have inside tremours, shaking and head pressure. Does anyone else have this at all? I only sit for short times because the more or longer I do it the worse the symptoms are. I wonder if I tuff it out and stay up through the symptoms will they get really bad? Will this ever go away? I need my life back!

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Yup I get this a lot.

I also get this feeling after showers which is when I'm MOST symptomatic. I really wish I could do my vitals while in the shower.

The inside tremours......kind of feel like a minor earthquake??? Can you feel your heartbeat throughout your body seperate from the tremors???

My head pounding usually goes in time with my heart beat and the tremors are seperate.

I can't lay flat out though, makes the dizzies worse. I have to be propped on at least one pillow.

Will the symptoms get worse??? Well they either will or stay the same, or get better, or you'll pass out, no way to tell really.

Will it ever go away?? Again who knows, for some it gets better, I don't know of anyone where it just went away.

my cousin was diagnosed at 14, 15 years ago. She is better than she was then but she still has POTS.

My Mom is 58 and just realizing she has had POTS forever. Her body learned to cope from a young child. Her HR is crazy and she gets woozy and light headed especially if she's dehydrated but it does't affect her like it does me. Her body adapted.

Everyone's bodies deals with things in different ways.

My body has completely adapted itself to my vestibular problems. To the point that I shocked the people that did my testing with how fast I was able to compensate.

I also didn't pass out on the Tilt Table with a BP of 40/17.

My first pass out wasn't until just a few months ago and I was in the shower.

I haven't been able to make good sense out of what happens when and why.

Hope this helps a little to know you aren't alone.

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Yes i can feel my heartbeat separate from the tremors, it scares me, I am wondering if it will get worse if I walk? I get so symptomatic when I just sit up I hope this gets beter so I can walk.

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