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Switching To Bisoprolol From Propranolol (Anyone Have Luck With Bisoprolol?)

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Propranolol has been very helpful to me - it's helped lower my standing HR from 150-180 to about 80-100. So that's a big improvement for me in addition to reducing some overally jittery feelings I get from POTS.

My allerigies are acting up and I am showing minor asthma symptoms from a lung test. Propranolol is the medicine (and Midodrine) that have allowed me to go back to work. It's not easy...and I struggle with fatigue and other issues...but I'm making it.

This switch is huge to me. I was told the two Blockers are fairly similar and to start Bisoprolol at 5mg for a few days and if it's not enough, up it to 10mg. I was also told there would be an adjustment period (the first week worse, the first month overall adjusting).

I'm only allowed one week off of work for medical leave to do this, so I'm hoping for the best.

Any advice on switching Blockers and using Bisoprolol?

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Guest Alex

Hi Cat-Lady,

I did the exact opposite - I switched from bisoprolol 5 mg a day to 2.5 mg a day to 1.25 mg a day and then to propranolol 20 mg (10 mg AM and 10 mg PM).

I seem to tolerate propranolol somewhat better. Bisoprolol made me sleepy, drowsy, tired and lightheaded around the clock. My BP has always been on the low side so I think bisoprolol decreased it too much.

With propranolol I don't experience the lightheadedness anymore, but I think I have other side effects - something I need to talk to my dr about. Plus, now I'm taking florinef which is supposed to increase my BP - similar effect to the midodrine you are taking.

From what I have read bisoprolol is a stronger antihypertensive than propranolol.

I'm not sure how much this might help but here is an article comparing different beta-blockers on the market


Good luck, and I hope your transition from one drug to the other is uneventful and easy to tolerate.


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