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I am so upset


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I do not think that Ihave been so angry and so hurt by a doctor - as i was today. i have had manydoctors that were jerks but you knowthey were jerks from the startso So- I was never disappointed in them. There was all kind of doctors but this doctor was different- i trusted him. He wasnot the smartest or knewthe most, but i felt he had the mostimportant character that i value the most in a doctor- I thought that he believe in me. No matter how bad of a patient i was, or how strange my symptoms might be--i need him and tought that he did believe in me.

Well -today after going in for a reaction to a medication to stop foot fungus. Which is a very strong medication that can cause liver damage . I was expereience side effects --overily tired, rash all over, joint aches and a few more things. I saw him, we reviewed my blood test which were all normal he was not sure it was the medication, but i was pretty sure. I went home feelingmuch relieved that nothing serious happened. But i returned later on that day for my son's appt, soiwent topick up the pape with the information about the appt. i almost broke up in tears right there but was able to hold theme till now--he wrotedown that he wasnot surei really had the symptoms and was concerned that i had Munchausen Syndrome- which means basically-hethinks i am making it all up.

Look it up - and i think you will see howbroken heated i was. Because i really believed in him. i rather have a doctor that has been a stedy jerk rather then have a doctor that breaks my trust that i could tell him anything no matter how strange because i knew he could sort it out and explain me through it instead of using it against me.

By the way the things i have been going through which i guess he is wondering if I am pretendingto have-

--compressed disk in my backthat i had surgery for

--gum surgery for a crown i need.

--i am getting a colonoscopy because i have bigproblems with consitpation and i might have a protuding skin- like i wouldlie about that-if he doesnot believe me then come with me and examine me after i almost push everthing but my shxx out of my bottom.

--or maybe it is the POTS--am i t ryingto get attention when i go to NIH andlet myself be tortured by the doctoros (you know what I mean-it is a great learning experience but it is difficult sometimes.

--or am ifaking my Parkinson's Diseaseandthe brain surgery i had to better the symptoms

Or is the trip i am taking in April or May to replace the control pack - which i have to give up my families spring break trip to get it done.

Allthistime itought i was trying to understand myself so i could get as much out of lifeas possible whileallthe while i was faking everything.

Enough said- i feel so betrayed and so hurt but so hurt. Tomorow -i am getting a new doctor-i do not even want to see this gy in the halls.

thanks for listenng


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Kathleen, I'm so sorry that your doctor let you down so badly. :P I wish I could make you feel better. All I can say is please don't let what he's done stop you from getting help you need elsewhere. Sadly, you'll probably have to toss him in the pile of discarded docs, "jerks" included.

Not sure it will make you feel any better, but maybe you can send him a letter stating your discontent...and, if you feel it's appropriate, cc you medical licensing board, and/or make a formal complaint. Just because the doctor can't find the answer doesn't make it okay to blame the patient.

On the other hand, if your daily engergy is really too limited, then just dump the doc on the trash heap and find a new doctor.

Again, sorry that he let you down. That really stinks. Big hug. Nina

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Wow! i can't even begin to wonder how this has made you feel. I am sorry to have your doctor betray your trust and hurt you this way.

But this paper you got, what exactly was the paper that said Munchausen Syndrome? why was this given to you?

This is something docs usually write down but then approach the patient about. I would be MOST upset to have this on my record to possibly follow you around.

Is there ANY WAY you could have the courage to confront the doctor about this either in person or email or snail mail? By confront I mean in a civil controlled manner--- and that would be no easy feat, I know. But this is very disturbing if he has been this supportive until now.

I would want to know WHY he said this. Please send a letter and send it registered letter to ask for an explanation. You have a right to have ANY diagnosis given to you to be explained to you.

I know this is too much for you to try and accomplish now, but please consider this.

Still go ahead and get another doctor but I would NOT ask for the records from this jerk doc since this is in your file. And I would want to know why I was given this Munchausen syndrome dx.

Be kind to yourself in the next few days and let us know if you decide to ask him.

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Kathleen, you certainly have every right to be upset. In reading your story what I find most upsetting is that he acted like everything was OK when you were with him and then made that entry into your record after the fact -- like Sophia, I was wondering if the paper you read was an entry in your records??

How can you possibly trust someone who is not upfront with you...even when he is wrong? I, too, think I would want to confront him, probably in writing, with the paper attached and ask him to explain. In the mean time, I hope that you can find someone else in your town that can help you out.

I am so sorry you had this happen to you.

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How painful. I am really sorry you had to go through this with a doctor you trusted so much. Is it possible there could be some kind of misunderstanding that could be patched up? It seems strange that a doctor would come to such a radical conclusion--that you might have something SO rare as Munchausen--and not try to talk to you about it. If you had that, it would be a serious diagnosis, for one thing.

Unfortunately doctors SEEM to like symptoms to fall into neat, simple patterns that can be backed by blood or other tests. When this pattern doesn't occur they often seem to immediately question the veracity of the patient. You have had so many issues that obviously your case is complicated.

I hope you can talk to your doctor you've come to like so much, and see if the issue can't be cleared up. I hope it can be.

take care


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sorry to hear about what you went thru, we already have enough to deal with being sick with a complex misunderstood illness and then we have to deal with doctors who treat us so terribly, just wanted to say i know what you are going thru and i am so angry about what happened, hope you find someone better soon, maybe this happened for a good reason, i guess we have to try to find the bright side, maybe someone better will come along, hang in there


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Thaank-you all somuch for justbeing there and understanding. Waking up and reaadingyour letters has given me the courage to approach him- i am not sure if by letter or in person. I,too, agree that i cannot have this kind of report in my records. It would influenze any body after that read it. i need to take the steps to get it out of my records- even if it means getting him into trouble. Which i almost feel like i need to take a stand for people like us that have unexplainable symptoms. Andthat all we aretryingto do is get answers.

I did ask him to admitme twice- because i just wanted to be observed one night so my symtomcould be documented. I also doseeother doctors but that is because he sends me to them- when he can not answer my questions. I did have back surgery that he was against but i felt that i had to take the chance to i,prove my future basically because i knew i could not handle taking pain killersall my lifie because of POTS does not like it. One of my problem isbecause i have been cronically ill for 13 yrs- i have learned to put on a happy face -no matter what- i makes me feel like i am beingpunishedfor being strong.

I was given the copyofthe original. You know -i almost felt like he was laughing at me when i was asking him questions. He does not know how much damage he has caused or how muchhurt. But i do have someone else that i can see- he isnot a doctor but a family practionar- but right now i ijust need someone that i can trust.

I don't think there can be a misunderstanding about what he said- but i will give him the chance to explain himself after i write a letter explaining the bond of trust he broke. but i will be careful not to be emotional at the time.

thanks again- it means everything to have your support.


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I am so so so so so so so sorry you had to go through that. It happened to me too. My story the short version was I was seeing this idiot gastroenterologist. Actually told my husband who is an A&P professor that he got a B in A&P... He let me get down to 90 lbs before thinking oh maybe we should send her somewhere. Went to Shands got the dysmotility dx.

I was placed on a PICC line. Down to 84 at this point When I went to see this dummy he told me I was his first PICC line. That should have clued us in. Anyway the line got infected was removed from 1 arm and placed in the other but improperly. The line was to long and was sucked in to my heart. The x-ray actually showed it curled around on my atrium (right word???). Anyway the idiot doctor said that I had pushed the line in and that I needed to be transferred to a facility so they could watch me. Tried to to convince my other doctors. The psychiatrist came in and said to me why don't you just leave these doctors alone. I was so upset I asked my primary why he said that. It was not until we got my hospital notes did we find out that the gastro guy was trying to convince other docs I had Munchausen's. Fortunately my primary knew better and stopped him. But it is still in my records.

I think when they don't know they shift blame.

I am sorry and I understand your frustration!!!

Get thee to a new doctor.

And don't let this make yourself doubt you or you illness you know what you feel and how sick you are others know just remember that and keep searching for a doctor who does understand.

You are not alone. Keep fighting and keep searching!

Stacey :-)

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Kathleen, I am so sorry this has happened. I had a similar experience a long time ago with an imaging place. I was furious. I ended up getting flowers, an apology and a letter explaining to all my doctors that the techs had lied about me. I also got a letter of apology and an addendum to an ER record, so it can be done. It doesn't take away the hurt, and certainly doesn't help with trust issues, but there is some satisfaction in making people say they were wrong and sorry. I hope you can get this cleared up quickly. That's the one problem with getting all your records I guess. Sometimes it can be pretty horrifying to see what is written about you by someone you thought you could trust. Keep your chin up and remember, you are not the problem, he is! morgan

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Guest tearose

Kathleen, I am hoping you can let this doctor know what a shock this was for you to discover since you had invested a lot into your professional relationship with him. This is a major breach of trust and I don't think it is reparable! It is one thing to make an honest mistake but to hold a belief like this and not to discuss it with the patient is unforgivable! Keep your cool but let him know how he failed you BIG TIME! I'm with you in spirit!

take care, tearose

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I AM SO SORRY THAT THIS JERK DID THIS. yOU DO HAVE UNDER THE FEDERAL LAW HIPPA THE RIGHT TO WRITE TO THE DOCTOR AND ASK THAT THIS BE REMOVED FROM YOUR MEDICAL RECORD. you could talk i person with him, take a witness and give him the letter, have him sign for it. As this will affect the medical care you receive. Also I would ask EXACTLY WHY he thought this was appropriate. If no datisfaction contact the local medical society, they will speak directly to him. However, write the letter to have this removed along with your reasons. Because even if you do not have records sent from him the insurance company will ahve this diagnosis. If you need help writing the letter let me know. Blessings and peace Miriam :)

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