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Hi Everyone,

I am sitting in here... a little bit in shock. I was actually APPROVED on the first time for SSI. I just can't believe it. I realize that I am not at all happy with the fact that I am considered "disabled" but it will be a financial help. But I am humble that I was approved on the first time and I don't have to go through what so many of you do. I hope it is just a matter of time until they change the requirements and Dysautonomia is added to their list of accepted condtions. I guess my approval is a little bittersweet because I know there are so many of you suffering as equally as I am.


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SHOCK is an under-statement!!!

I had absolutely NO words when my approval letter came through on my first try.

Mine started in August 2010 and I'm still SHOCKED daily. Mostly because of the horror stories I read and I feel so bad for those that aren't immediatey approved that are even worse off than I am.

I am just now starting to rely on a wheelchair and I know people bound to wheel chairs that have been denied.

So yes very Bittersweet indeed for countless reasons.

My health has taken a drastic nose-dive south since then and my Mom is now basically taking care of me, but I still dread the review I know will happen at some point.

I was told mine was probably approved first time because my occupation was a Driver, and I had been told by my PCP that I should NOT be driving.

Plus I have zero financial resources nor do I own anything, so I think that comes into play.

I'm thankful and grateful and I wish to win the lottery so I can help all those people who deserve to be on disability and are still fighting for that small bit of help and dignity.

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Wow- what a blessing for you, Charmed Liz. I'd already been approved by my company's long term dis. Plan, in a wheelchair (rarely) because I've been mostly bed -ridden since Oct-Nov., multiple daily syncopal episode and 12 concussions from the literal hundreds of fainting. It's been a long story, but my case has been pretty severe so it seemed outlandish I wouldn't get approved... But you never know.

I'm just keeping thoughts and prayers with those of you who really need an approval, medically & financially.


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Yes Jen it's a roller coaster isn't it.

I bet the fact you had been approved by your company for Long Term Dis helped a bunch. I've heard that is looked at.

The company I had been working for was small and fairly new so they had no such plan, and I had to quit working immediately after struggling for 6 months.

My Boss was nice enough to write a supporting letter for me when I filed a 18 months later for Disability, stating that I had been unable to continue to work. She stated in it too that they had no means to offer long term dis but had kept my spot open for me for 6 months and then couldn't continue without filling it.

So that letter probably helped as much as the fact I couldn't drive and all the medical records.

I was at that time unable to perform all the easy day to day living tasks.

Now however, like I said my Mother takes care of me mostly. No walking, showering, or anything like that without her around. I even have to brush my teeth sitting down, so I know what you are talking about.

Though I can't imagine having that many concussions from fainting, good for you for keeping your chin up, I know it's probably very hard on most days.

This constant fight just seems so silly to me. I think anybody that is bed bound or wheel chair bound and has documentation of the necessity of living that way from a Doctor should have the right to receive disability without all this fuss.

Not to say that "all" bed bound people or "all" wheel chair bound people, "can't" work.... I know many people for many reasons who could and would be able to work.

However if you are unable to perform your daily living tasks and can't work, it just shoudn't be this hard to keep our heads above water, we have enough to deal with.

The roller coaster is a bit hard on certain days. There are times I feel guilty after reading someone elses horror story.

My Mother reminds me on those days that what employer would put up with someone who smelled from not taking a shower, or barfed after eating and standing too quickly, or turned around to get up and fall over slumped in a chair from vertigo.

My favorite is feeling like I could write a book....except I go through weeks where I can't see the screen straight and my fingers are now about 98% numb and I'm down to typing with one finger instead of my past 92 words per minute.

There are hours where I think I could help on the phone, so I make a few phone calls for my Mom, and get reminded that I often sound like I'm drunk and slurring my words and I don't even notice.

Oooh goodness I've let this go on too long and I'm blabbering. I just sooo wish that someday we could all be treated equally.

I'm constantly reminding myself as I'm sure we all do, that I didn't get sick on purpose, it wasn't in the plan, it is what it is and all I can do is deal with it and realize that it's not my fault, nobody would want to feel this way or live this way.

We all do the best we can!!! Hugs to all, goodnight.

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