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I haven't been to the forum in quite awhile. Is there a backup to the old forum and all of it's posts? It had such great information and I did not think that everything would not be converted over.

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Everything is still here, but the new search feature makes it difficult to access older posts. If you type in something common, like "POTS", then only a few pages of the most recent topics come up. To get to an older post about POTS you have to specify the month and year you want to search through. Narrowing a search by member name also helps to more quickly locate the one you are looking for.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Sue1234,

I have been doing okay. I'm not really taking much medication or allergy medicine at this time. I have gained some weight, which hopefully I will lose soon. I have also started swimming. I still occasionally have tachy, but now my heart rate drops low and my oxygen drops low. I am working on my MBA and I really don't have much time anymore.

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