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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced low pulses, mine has been dropping into the 30s range(usually when I stand up. Along with this I feel bad, and according to my oximeter my oxygen is dropping into the 80s. I am really getting worried and a lot scared. I don't currently have insurance, and I am in the US right now. I will be flying back to Switzerland in Aug, and I wont have insurance until Sep. Should I try and push the insurance early and get checked out before I go? I just don't know what to do or what this could be. Oh, I haven't been on any medication in over a year.

Thanks in advance for any advice or reassurance

I really, really, really hate POTs and dysautonomia!

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I would definitely go see a doctor about this asap. To have a pulse that low is abnormal and means that your heart is not functioning properly. Is it possible your oximeter isn't working accurately? I ask because my pulse was in the thirties once and I wasn't going anywhere..I couldn't even move, let alone stand. The rate was confirmed by an ekg which showed abnormal heart rhythm. If money is the issue with the health insurance, you can go to your local dshs office and they can help you get medical coverage.

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