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Do People Recover From Being Bedridden??

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I've been stuck in bed since September 2018. Yesterday I had a horrible day and I didn't even do anything. Today I felt better but my body is still screwed up. I put some air in my tire for my wife's car. I have a mini pump I got from Amazon. It took me 10 mins. I even sat down in the air while the tire filled up. My heart rate jumped up 30-40 beats and my BP shot up. Lower number was 103. Laying down brings that number into the high 70s low 80s. 

I feel like I'll never be the same. I'm going to Vanderbilt eventually. Maybe they can do something.

We are trying to move soon(hopefully) and I feel so guilty I won't be able to do much at all. I'll hire movers. But packing will not be possible. I'll try and do some here and there.

Still early on in my journey to a recovered state hopefully. 

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My grandmother was bed ridden for 3.5 years postpartum with the birth of my father which was in 1928, only thing she told me was the doctors thought or called it soldiers heart?  She had a miraculous recovery only to find out she was pregnant again, though the problem never returned.  She had very bad H-EDS symptoms  including OH and at age 95.9 when she died there was not a good joint in her body, but what a sharp mind! .  She had the typical other symptoms of H-EDS though never diagnosed.  My dad was the only one of the 5 children who suffered with problems of H-EDS thought not diagnosed, his doctor said he surely had some type of blood pressure (OH) and joint problem, my son#2 a POTS sufferer and my youngest sister were both officially diagnose with H-EDS.  Though Dad's 1 sister did have problems with subluxation of her toes, of which I do too!  So, it is possible you can go from bedridden to somewhat of a normal life!

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