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Very High Resting Hr Possible Ist

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I have just read someone elses post and i did not want to take it over, so i have a question that i wanted to ask my Prof but did not get chance.

I am struggling with a contant high resting heart rate of 100bpm or more.

Even when i sleep it does not drop below this so my heart NEVER gets a break.

Through exercise, fluid and Midodrine my standing heart rate is slightly controlled and does improve compared to how it use to be when i was house bound (I can do so much more now) but can still reach 150bpm on bad days.

My question is could i have IST?

If i do have that aswell as POTs what do i do? Beta blockers, CCB, and Ivabradine made matters worse.

Why did my prof not mention that a high resting heart rate could be a slightly different problem, or is it all part of the same!!! I know my heart is not doing to pull my BP up becuase that is controlled through Midodrine.

Thanks for any comments....

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Maybe others can chime in that know more, but that is how mine is and I have been diagnosed with hyper pots as my norepinephrine is high as well. I have had pots for 6 years , the first 4 it was a normal heart rate laying down,and for the last 2 years it has been 100 resting, even while sleeping. I did see a cardio electrophysicist that did not think it was ist, and he said go to one of the pots experts and see what they say, and if they say it isnt pots and they think it is ist, than come back to me and I can treat you for that. I went to dr. goodman at the az mayo and he said hyper pots, so that is where I am now. So far the meds are giving me a beating so I dont have any answers yet. But part of me wonders of it, has just developed this way with going untreated for so long and when I get it under control and get out of this relapse it will get better and maybe go back to being a normal heart rate while sleeping. I definitely feel for you and know how not getting a break at all is very tireing and wearing on the body. I wish you the best

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I have been diagnosed with both IST and POTS. My resting hr is 100-120 during sleep. It only goes higher with any activity, standing, walking, etc..

I am unable to tolerate any meds, the only thing I take is an SNRI to help raise my BP which stays between 90/60 which is good for me to 60/40 .

I am completely disabled since 2008 from this, but have had it my noire life.

I became significantly worse in 2002

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