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Anyone With Facet Problems In Spine Relation To Ctd Or Ehlers??

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Hi All,

Strange question I know.........

Back in February my PCP ordered a Lumbar MRI because I lost feeling of bladder and bowel and my back and hip pain increased a ton.

This was before my positive SFN biopsy that kind of explained all that.

However the MRI came back and they say I have "Facet's Disease", early active degeneration of my facet's.

So I'm wondering if anyone else has this, if it could be in the family of Connective Tissue Disease or EDS, or maybe even whatever AutoImmune component some of this has on us.

They referred me to pain specialist for injections.....but I requested the Doc I saw after my Lumbar Puncture because he knows I have a Chiari Malformation and I know won't do injections.

Don't see what good injections would do if they gave me a spinal headache for 3 weeks.

So kind of off topic, but wanted to see if anyone had this as well.

I am positive for HLA-B27 and my Grandfather had a very bad case of Ankylosing Spondylitis.

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Every CT scan I've had mentions "degenerative disc disease" where ever they look at my spine, whether lumber, thoracic or cervical. So far, no pain, but all the vague things that might be a factor of it.

I don't find this off-topic, in fact I find it relevant. Sometimes I believe some of us have a structural reason for our POTS.

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Sorry you are suffering with this. Absolutely seems pertinent.

And yes back pain has kicked in for me on a fairly permanent basis. MRI showed degeneration. Think I probably have eds III but haven't been officially diagnosed.

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I too also have degenerative disk disease and bulging in my lumber spine....I have definately noticed that if I throw this area out it can set off a POTS flare....I have not been able to get any of my specialists to pay attention to it ..... there is definately a link I think

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Wow... Timing here is always perfect... I just found out I have moderate to severe scoliosis and my neck is curved in the opposite direction it's supposed to be. It's pretty scary. I've seen two chiropractors now- dont know each other- and they both said the curve is putting direct pressure on my brainstem on ANS, and my whole cervical spine is full of the same fluid applying so much pressure that a lot of symptoms have changed. My legs will get tingly and numb and for about 45min-1hr I can't move waist down. When I have syncope, now I'm having seizures with incontinence.

I have gotten a second opinion and both were pretty dire. Both said they could make me functional. When I called the neuro with the findings he laughed at me, and said if I was going to seek out these quacks we may as well go ton a psychic. I think it's called reversal of the lordotic curve. Most curve one way and mine exact opposite. If you were me, would you trust chiros for this kind of treatment or try to find an MD who will listen. sigh..... I have been going downhill so fast it's scaring me. I need help now,



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