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Blood Volume Tests?

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The test my Dr. sent me for used Daxor technology (you can look it up) and was done in the nuclear medicine dept.

"Daxor offers blood volume analysis using 25µCi of iodine-131 human serum albumin with five blood draws for an accurate representation of blood and plasma volume. The protocol requires the patient receive the injection and after 12 minutes for the dose to circulate, blood draws begin. Five blood draws are performed six minutes apart with the exact time of the blood draw documented. If a blood draw is off schedule by a few minutes, it will not compromise the test results. With a greater number of blood samples there is a greater accuracy and reproducibility of the test result."


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I was wondering this myself as i have never had it confirmed, but as Aspirin makes me very faint and dizzy i wouldnt mind guessing i do suffer from this.

Would i be able to get my local GP to do this, or do you have to go through my POTs specialist. Mine has never offered it to me which i wondering why not if his team of experts are suppose to be advanced in the UK?

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