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Trying Something Totally New Today!!! A Chiropractor

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I'm married to a chiropractor. It's so funny how much misconception/ignorance there is with people about them. They are not "less than" MD's, they aren't anything like MD's. It's like comparing a plumber to a car mechanic. Their philosophy about the human body is completely different.

I have used Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic (which my husband doesn't do) with much success in relieving symptoms of POTS. It's not a cure, but it helps tremendously.

One other observation, usually when people disappear from here, it means they are doing better. I know I don't spend any time on here when I have a choice to do something else!!

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Ashelton, true, I hope that the people not on here as often are off being well enjoying their lives!!! Sorry that a lot of have the misconception, you're right though, I like your metaphor. They both fix things but different things and in different manners, so, although they can share similarities, they are each totally different from one another. What is Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic? as opposed to .... what are the other styles/forms, like what your husband does?

Well, I'm super excited about my appointment Thursday, I hope it relieves some of my symptoms too.

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My husband told me once there are over 100 techniques in chiropractic. The main one is called diversified which is what everyone refers to as "cracking". He hates that term because it is so misleading as well.

Atlas Orthogonal is a very precise adjustment using an instrument about the size of an ink pen. It only adjusts the atlas vertebrae or C1. The atlas surrounds the brain stem and all the nerves. There is no neck rotation and no "noise". I basically don't even feel it. It is amazing that it actually works because I literally don't feel a thing. But when I get warmth and tingling in that area, my whole body just basically takes a big sigh of relief. Usually several hours later I can feel the results even better. My muscles stop spasming and my head feels so much lighter if that makes sense. :)

Good luck with your appointment. I need to make one for myself, it's been too long and I'm feeling it!

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