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Need Clarification

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Hey guys

Could you clarify this for me. Is POTS considered a 30+ bpm increase sustained or just an initial rise?

My HR will go up anywhere from 20-30 bpm upon standing (from laying down) initially then lowers to between 80-90 and generally stays there for 10 or so minutes (I haven't checked for longer periods, I get too bored lol). For instance :

70 laying

93 standing

2 mins 88

4 mins 90

6 mins 83

8 mins 90

10 mins 95

12 mins 92

Just curious do you have a sustained rise of 30+ or is it just an initial rise of 30+ when you change positions then it trends down like mine?

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My HR does the exact same thing as yours. Because of this, I have had a difficult time getting diagnosed. The best answer is that it depends on the doctor your seeing. The only pots specialist in my state says I don't have pots because I don't have a sustained 30 bpm rise. I went to mayo in AZ and dr G says that doesn't matter, it only needs to be an initial rise. What does your BP do? Mine rises initially then drops a little, just like my HR. The important thing to focus on is that there is still something wrong. A 30 bpm HR rise is not normal, even if it is just initial.

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I agree with what julieph85 said. When I had my TTT done my HR had 30+ increase, but it wasn't sustained, and because of that they didn't want to give me diagnosis of POTS. Since then, every other doctor I've seen has said that 30+ increase initially or sustained is considered POTS.

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yep me too....initial rise of 30 beats and elevated blood pressure; after awhile they drop but I become very symptomatic and my legs mottle....my specialist said POTS just isn't about HR and BP that's why we can still feel like crap even when our HR and BP is fine :)

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I guess, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me..

So our blood pools so our heart is trying to compensate for the pooling by beating faster... But why does it slow down then?

My blood pressure stays the same, varies a tiny bit ... I dont regularly check it.

I'm not very symptomatic so..?!?!?

So anything under 30 is normal? Weird.....

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It's the initial diagnostic tool and a bit too rigid if you ask me. A diagnosis was missed in me for months because they did the test while on beta blockers and didn't seem to take this into account.

I have had a few tests where i have not reached 30 above base but once it was during a good patch, once with tight on and once on Florineff.

I think the medical profession rely on it too much and actually it is the other symptoms which cause problems - I can keep my hr down by sitting but I can still be suffering with all the other symptoms and feeling awful.

My son had a resting pulse of 44 and mine is about 50 which means 80 is the 30 beats above base. I don't really know whether they would count that either.

If you are not very symptomatic then don't worry too much and drink lots of water, eat well and hope it doesn't develop further.

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On my TTT, my hr jumped 35 beats upon tilt, then climbed pretty steadily until it reached 155 at 15 minute and I bottomed out to 103 (with large bp drop).

But my hr did drop once durning the 15 minutes. From minutes 3 to 4 it dropped from 133 to 130, but it was back up to 135 at minute 5.

But even with that rise, my cardio diagnosed me with IST. And it was an after-the-fact diagnosis lol - I have the report and he came back 20 minutes after he initially signed off on it and added inappropriate sinus tach. Really? Yeah, it showed NCS, but my heart rate wasn't one of the first things to pop out to you as off? lol

Thankfully, my neuro knew what she was doing and what to actually diagnose me with. But it's just another example of how some people still have no clue what POTS looks like - even IF it's well within the diagnostic criteria.

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