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Compression Garmets Insurance Will Cover.

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I am supposed to wear compression garmets at all times except when I go to bed. At Mayo I got an abdominal binder that is like a corset worn outside of the clothes. When I don't want to attract attention with that, I wear high waisted Spanx to provide abdominal compression.

I need to figure out what to do about leg compression. I hate the Jobst compression stocking and tach out before I can even get them on. My gp doc is a marathon runner and let me try some compression items she uses during marathons for muscle support and recovery. They are footless breath much better than traditional hose and are much easier to put on. These running clothes companies also offer compression calf guards, quad guards and compression arm sleeves.

I called my insurance today to see if they would pay for the "runners" compression items. She said I would need a code for her to put in the system and find out. Then she said something about how I could buy them and then submit a claim but it would be out of network.

Are there any compression garments we can get insurance to pay for that are not the standard Jobst stockings?



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Have you had any luck with other compression stocking brands, or is it something fundamental to the stocking design that's giving you trouble (it happens for folks)? I know that the Jobst and I don't play nicely - it causes me to lose blood flow to the area - but that Juzo and I get along just fine.

Can I ask for details on your abdominal binder? So far I haven't had any luck with my doctor's recommendations for abdominal compression (an abdominal binder from the drugstore didn't account for my female hippy body, and the compression shorts from REI aren't strong enough at all).

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The abdominal binder I got at Mayo is an "Aspen QuikDraw with Rigid Anterior Panel." The web site on the instruction book is www.aspenmp.com. I think it is actually design to be a post-surgical back brace. It is quite a contraption. You wrap it around your abdomen and it hooks with Velcro. Then there are corset-like strings you pull to tighten it even more. I haven't been successful wearing it under my clothes without looking like I'm pregnant, so I have resigned to just wearing it outside of my clothes. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it really does. It makes grocery shopping much more tolerable for me.

The doctor at Mayo wrote me a prescription for the binder and my insurance did cover it.

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